10 Features your Photo Editing Software MUST HAVE

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a popular photo editing software or a not-very-famous one, all that matters is that you get what you want, in the end. While the popular software have amazing features and allow you to give the best touch to your photographs, the unpopular ones may have fewer features, but that doesn’t mean that they are not good enough to be purchased and used. If you wish to save money, you can always focus on buying the unpopular software, since they are sold at affordable rates.

No matter what kind of a software you are planning to purchase, here are the top features it must have or you:


  • Brightness adjustment: This is something that we all look for; if the images are dark, you would surely want to brighten them up.
  • Contrast adjustment: There are times when the images are too bright; this is when you need to decrease the contrast. Brightness and contrast adjustments are mandatory and basic features of every photo editing software.
  • Brush stokes: If you have brush strokes feature in your photo editing software, you can make the images clearer and better for the viewers. It gives an appealing look to the image.
  • Detailed cropping to get what you want, from the picture: Cropping doesn’t mean cutting the sides of the pictures or throwing someone out of the picture; there are a lot of detailed things in this feature that you need to pay an attention on. A good software consists of an advanced cropping feature.
  • Sketch effect to make the picture more attractive for the album: Visit http://photoeditormac.com/sketch-effect-editor/ and you would know what I am talking about; sketch effect is the most beautiful feature in some of the photo editing software.

  • Painting effect to transform a camera picture into a beautiful painting: If you wish to transform a random image into a lovely painting, this feature is a must for your software.
  • Size adjustment without pixelating the image or making it too complicated: You have to get the size adjusted at times.
  • Toning of the image to make it clearer and more appealing to the eyes of the viewers: Toning feature allows you to make the image better.
  • Random effects to give different looks to different images: There are more features like sharpen, gray scale, erasing the background, etc. that most of the photo editing software have.
  • Temperature adjustment for the images: You can either make yourself stand under the sun or dance in the chilly wind of winter, depending upon the temperature adjusted for your picture, with the help of the software that you use.