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One Stop Solution for Your Business IT Needs

The AMJ Group established in 1986 has started a phenomenal level of service and its quality until this day is unparallel across all others offering the services. Moreover AMJ IT Services offer a ‘One Stop Solution’ for all kinds of Business IT needs which are rarely available with any of our competitor networks. This unique advantage is because AMJ is ...

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Scratch-Free And Grime Resistant Skins Are A Must For Your PS3


Look to any top gaming system lists, and you’re bound to see the PS3 console find its way on the roll call. There’s reason for its popularity. It’s moderately priced and comes with a good amount of quality games and media apps that make it a dream to play. But its value comes from its ability to take us away ...

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Online data collection with Social Login Best practices


No doubt online users care about their privacy but they also don’t mind sharing their personal details with businesses as long as they are getting something in return. Recent survey by IBM found that 49% customers don’t object sharing their personal information if it means getting more relevant offers. Though relevant offers doesn’t imply that if customer has looked one ...

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Top 10 Free Data Recovery Software that Meet Your Purpose

Data recovery

If you have accidentally deleted some files from your system or your system has crashed and your valuable data stored in hard drives is lost, there is no need to panic. You can try these tools for cheap data recovery. However, if the problem is not solved, you have to take help of expert technicians available in your locality. TestDisk: ...

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How Should You Go About Choosing Domain Name To Grow Your Business?

Choosing a domain name for your website is an important aspect for people to be guided to your site. With a plethora of websites functioning online, people would not be able to know what you wish to promote if your domain name does not make it clear. There have been several things to be kept in mind when searching for ...

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A beginner’s guide to cloud technology

Today, one hears the term “Cloud Technology” quite often and it seems to float everywhere in the virtual world. Here is a simple guide which will help you understand what cloud technology is. What is the cloud? Cloud is a technical term used for internet. It is a mere depiction and not a physical entity. This representation is taken forward ...

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How to Copy Hard Drive Partition Safely

Hard Drive Partition

Sometimes, users need to copy hard drive partition. For instance, users can backup important files and programs which are saved in one partition for faster recovery—just copy the whole partition since it can save much time. Therefore, if their important data are lost due to various reasons including careless deletion, virus infection, unexpected shutdown, they can get their file back from ...

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Achieve Free Digital Media Files Recovery with Software

digital media files recovery

At present, digital media device is widely employed by people. It consists of flash drive, MP3 player, MP4 player, digital camera, digital video camera, memory card, memory stick and iPod. If users encounter the situation of data loss on these digital media devices, they can carry out free digital media files recovery by using software. Before we introduce the certain ...

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