3 Brands That Can Inspire Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

As the secret formula to search engine optimisation veers more towards the unknown with each passing day, many experts are claiming that focus should be placed upon alternate strategies to achieve similar results, namely social marketing and content engagement. There’s a point to be made that both aspects of marketing have scope for the most potential for building up the presence of brands and businesses in 2015 and beyond.

With the correct formula a brand can achieve high levels of interaction with its audience, as well as claiming mass traffic and the hypothetical claim of the knock-on effect for SEO. Adopting a scorecard system from social analysis tool Unmetric, we looked into the statistics behind the leading brands in the social space at this present time to ascertain what methods are proving to work best.

Mercedes Benz

There are some industries that instantly click with social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. However, German automotive leader Mercedes-Benz knows that each channel requires a strategy in itself, and has shone above all competitors with its choice of Facebook marketing tactics. A recent example cited shows that Mercedes-Benz’ content-led approach to connecting with its core audience ensured an average engagement score of 744, with the sector average sitting lower around the 500-mark.

Facebook Marketing Strategy


Unlike high end car manufacturers Australia’s favourite national food retailer is an everyday brand that takes a more obvious approach to creating customer engagement. Woolworths Australia regularly turns to competitions as the perfect vehicle to be seen and heard, one of which in 2014 Win for Your Valentine Contest, received an incredibly high score for engagement of 991. To put this into perspective, the average engagement score for brands in the food chain sector is 489.


Another hard nut to crack in social media is finance, particularly as all big brands are known to carry a tone that is indistinguishable from one to the next. Visa Australia goes the extra mile to reach out to its fans on Facebook and introduce innovative ways of making its presence felt by holding direct conversations on the platform. A campaign launched in 2014 to actively seek answers about the Visa service from customers and consequently paid off big time. Unmetric reported that Visa achieved an engagement score of 937, three times more than the the finance sector average.

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