8 Weird But Interesting Electronic Gadgets To Resell

If you’re in the business of importing electronic gadgets from China and then reselling them for a profit, then you definitely know how important it is to pick the hot electronic gizmos that will sell. The question is, what sorts of high tech gadgets are interesting enough to be noticed by the average consumer but not widespread enough that you find yourself competing with a hundred other retailers?

Here then are some of the more interesting electronics you can snap up in bulk orders for retail:


  1. UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles (aka flying drones) are getting cheaper and cheaper to the point that you can start to find models coming in at the 400-dollar mark. The interesting thing is that more and more people are starting to realize the value of these nifty electronic gizmos, from photographers and film-makers to researchers and law enforcement personnel.
  2. Windshield Projectors – all sorts of automobile drivers, from your average commuter to seasoned truckers, will definitely find windshield projectors extremely useful. Hook these up to a smart device like an Android phone or tablet, and they’ll project the image up to the windscreen of a car. Very useful for navigation and receiving video calls while on the go, to name a few applications.
  3. Interactive Whiteboards – if you’re selling electronic gadgets to those in the office or school setting, interactive whiteboards are definitely a line of cool tech to explore. Once the projector is properly calibrated, it can then project an image on a surface that users can interact with using the supplied pen as a substitute for a mouse. Definitely useful for those making presentations, teaching classes, setting up workshops or even as an interactive display for commercial establishments.
  4. Miniature Electric Scooters – think of these scooters as the lovechild of a skateboard and a scooter, and you’ll be on the right track. These cool electronics use foot plates and self-balancing wheels to propel the occupant forward – very appealing not just as a fun line of electronic gadgets to play with but a very effective workhorse for those that need to quickly and effortlessly zip along an urban environment.
  5. 3D Printing Pens – creative craftsmen, careful architects, curious inventors and innovative artists alike will find a lot to like with 3D printing pens. The pens excrete molten plastic that almost instantly hardens when it hits room temperature, allowing users to create three-dimensional sculptures and structures from the ground up – quite literally.
  6. Smart Wearables – now that more and more people are adopting larger tablet phones, smart wearables like watches and bracelets are increasingly becoming essential accessories to the increasingly bulky phablets being released in the market. Going for models with unique aesthetics to appeal to a specific niche can be a potentially lucrative way of penetrating the smart wearable market.
  7. USB Microscopes – these high tech electronics are surprisingly popular not just to those in the academe but those in professional fields like geology, biology, chemistry and jewelry. Even amateur scientists and technology enthusiasts can find these microscopes interesting, what with their power, affordability, convenience and portability.
  8. IP Security Cameras – last but definitely not the least, internet protocol cameras are seeing a surge in demand. Security cameras have long been in the market, but developments in IP cameras have made them an affordable and easy-to-work with alternative to the previously expensive and cumbersome analog security systems of old. This is definitely one line of electronic gadgets you’ll want to consider grabbing for retail, especially when marketing to homeowners or small to medium enterprises.

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