A Complete Review of TinyOwl Food Ordering App – Order Food Online from your Favorite Restaurant


TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the company that owns proprietorship of TinyOwl App. The organization was founded in 2014 with Harshvardhan Mandad as its co-founder. TinyOwl was a technology based food startup a year before, but now has turned to a million dollar company. It has emerged to be one of the best online food delivery apps in no time. This food ordering app has received more than 500 thousand download in less than a year, which is really applaud-able. This app is immensely popular in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and few more.

TinyOwl is also look forward as Swiggy alternatives. Not only Swiggy, TinyOwl has outraged many of its competitors including Zomato and FoodPanda. The hard efforts and result oriented work can clearly be seen with the success of this app. TinyOwl has managed to stay at the top since long. The app is still on the top of its competitors in many cities. TinyOwl soon plans to reach other cities to expand its business and gain more clientele. TinyOwl is making the people food crazy by providing plenty of food choices from different restaurants. People now need not to move out to eat street food or food from restaurants.

Top Benefits of Using TinyOwl App

TinyOwl is one of the apps like Swiggy, but is far better than it. The best part is that TinyOwl has come over all the limitations of food ordering apps and has created a phenomenal food ordering app. Some of the best features of TinyOwl app are listed below.

  • Saves your Time: TinyOwl app saves your valuable time in searching the menus of different restaurants and calling them for food. There are chances that the lines are busy, or the restaurant from where you have ordered food might miss your order. But, through TinyOwl app you can ensure that your order is delivered to your place at earliest.
  • Different Choices of Restaurants: You are provided with list of different eating joints or restaurants near your vicinity with their menus and prices. You can go through that list and search for the food you wish to taste.
  • No Hidden Fees: At times, when you find deals online, you may incur an extra cost while making the final payments. But, at TinyOwl you get maximum discounts on food order and all the payment methods are clear and simple. No extra hidden charges could be applied to your order.


Top Features of TinyOwl App

Some of the trademark features of TinyOwl online food delivery app has been listed below. You can go through these features and get to know why you should download this stunning app on your Android Smartphone.

  • Minimal Interface: You can browse throughout the app interface with ease. Everything from ordering food to tracking its delivery is kept simple.
  • Location based ordering: TinyOwl location detector feature will help you to get the list of eating joints in or near your vicinity. You are provided with number of choices of restaurants to order food.
  • Payment Options’ Flexibility: Payments for your food order can be easily done through internet banking or credit/debit card.

Final Words

TinyOwl is surely a better app than Swiggy. You cannot say this exactly that TinyOwl is one of the apps like Swiggy. Though the concept of both the app is same, but TinyOwl had left Swiggy behind when it comes to design and user interface. One must try ordering food from TinyOwl app and fetch maximum possible discount on food order.