Airy – YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac  

What pops up in your mind first when you think of listening to music? We, for many reasons, think it must be YouTube. If not first, then at least a second thing you would think of when it comes to searching for that movie soundtrack or a newly released single of your favorite band. The days of vinyl records, tape cassettes and CDs are long gone, and it is now the Internet that rules the world of music.

We see the World Wide Web as omnipresent and we are sure that we can log online in a matter of seconds at any given point of time. Sorry to disappoint you, but not really. Think about it, there are times and places where we have no access to the Internet or even if we do – the connection is not stable or reliable enough for us to watch our favorite videos or listen to music. That is why we now have YouTube downloaders – tools that enable downloading videos from YouTube on your Mac so you can watch them whenever and wherever you need to. There are plenty of them – web services, standalone applications, browser plugins, extensions, etc. Moreover, some of us prefer listening to watching, and to accommodate our needs a lot of these tools are capable of turning YouTube to MP3 for Mac. Airy is one such tool that does stand out among others in terms of efficiency and ease-of-use.

It downloads videos from YouTube and it also allows you to convert YouTube to MP3, i.e. extract soundtracks from videos in MP3 format.

As we said, Airy is outstanding when it comes to how intuitive and easy-to-use it is: copy-paste a YouTube video link into the application; choose what format and quality you would like your video to be saved and click ‘Download’ button. The app supports a wide range of formats – commonly used, as well as more exotic ones. To convert a video from YouTube to MP3 format choose MP3 in the list of formats displayed.

Airy downloads

The app is capable of saving multiple videos; they will be queued and downloaded one by one. The list of queued videos can be revealed in Finder and viewed whenever you need to. You can thus convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac for entire playlists; not having to go through each and every video in the list will certainly save you a lot of time and effort.

The app can pause download tasks, which is convenient if you decide to switch off your Mac before the download is complete. You can resume downloading right from where you left off. Even if you have not paused a download intentionally, but it was broken or interrupted due to, say, connection loss, the app will resume the task once you are connected again – no problem.

This YouTube to MP3 converter will cost you $20 and it is available for download from Eltima Software official web site. You can get a free trial version first to check out whether the functionality offered is what you actually need.