An Increase on the Efficiency of Your Spa Business with the SPA POS

Having integrated spa POS software with gift certificate and ecommerce solution offers the most comprehensive sales system that will help in processing, tracking as well as reporting on different transactions. Unlike other systems that only help in making payments,the system offered by Edgeworks has more benefits. They will assist you tie every transactions taking place in your business back to your client records. This will enable you to know some of the things your customers are spending on heavily and ways on how to offer them with better services.

Their system lets your clients sit back and relax after they have had their treatment in your spa and you not having to worry with handling the transactions with the spa POS system. It enables you to connect the credit card processor to the different transactions as soon as they occur. In addition, the system can perform the following tasks:


• Connect your system to the profiles of your customers so that you can process payments with the help of a card on the file

• Tracks purchase made by various clients over a particular period

• Accept different modes of payments including the loyalty points, credit cards, cash debits and gifts juts to mention a few of them.

• Securely manage as well as analyze your transactions

Credit Card Processing 

In the modern world where technology has taken over everything including the banking sector, very few customers walk with cash in their handbags or wallets -offering them with the option of settling their bills with the use of credit or debits cards to make their life easy. This will go a long way to make them enjoy their experience at your spa. You can integrate spa POS with the account of your spa in order to secure receive payments from your customers while at the same time you capture any data originating from the daily sale you would have made. Furthermore, the online booking page will act as 24/7 store where you can allow customers to book appointments, purchase gift certificates, make deposits or even buy your products online among other things. The other benefits that come with the system include credits cards processing rates that are very competitive, safe and reliable processing created such as it complies with current security standards as well as PCI and faster checkouts for your loyal and potential customers.

Gift Certificates


Do you know that you can now offer a better customer-centric experience for your clients at your spa? Well, if you never knew about that, simply check with the Edgeworks’ spa POS system right away. The system offers the following features when it comes to gift certificates:

• Personalized designs with a logo of your day spa that will help you in branding.

• Sales from your website, store as well as Facebook page

• Email and printing options

• Syncing and balance tracking records of customers

Mobile Payment Processing

Payment made through your mobile phone will not make it easy for your customers to access your services but also give your employees time to attend to other issues rather than sitting somewhere to collect cash. With the help of Edgework’s system, you can easily turn your tablet or any Smartphone into a payment terminal. In addition, this will make very easy to capture and authorize charges from any corner of your store without necessarily meeting your customers face to face. With themobilepayment, you can do the following:

• Send emails directly to all your clients’ inboxes

• Accept your customers’ signatures without asking them to do it on paper every now and then

• Provide your customers with not only fast but also reliable payment processing while at the same time keeping them comfortable

E- Commerce

With ecommerce, you can make it possible for your customers to access body, skin and aromatherapy products from the comfort of their couch without necessarily visiting one of your stores. The POS provider’s ecommerce solution is among the most effective and easiest way that you can use to maintain online services. You can offer your clients with membership and packages, gift certificates and some of their favorite beauty products by keeping in touch with them via your website.

In conclusion, Edgeworks’ spa POS software is the ideal solution to running your business effectively. With the system, you can process, track as well as report various transactions in your business in real time. Some of the other benefits you will realize from the spa POS will include easy communication with your customers via emails, easy payment and interacting with your customer on your website.