Mobile Data Collection Solutions can bring numerous benefits to your organisation?

Mobile Data Collection Solutions can enable organisations to exchange real time information. Resulting in an increase in efficiency, responsiveness and performance by enabling workers on the move to capture, record and transfer data.

Electronic data collection forms are fairly commonplace nowadays and the introduction of any new mobile technologies should be an extension of your organisation infrastructure as it is impractical and expensive to completely abandon existing infrastructure and legacy applications.

Using one of EXPD’s Mobile Data Collection Solutions for any data collection task such as asset tracking, facilities management, condition surveys, preventative maintenance, building surveys, housing stock surveys, inspections etc., could realise the following benefits:


Save time and avoid re­keying of data. Analyse your results as soon as the data is transferred from your handheld. No delays or extra form filling.

  • Accurate results are assured very time. Since most input is point and click via menus and multiple choice questions data is capture quickly and accurately.
  • Consistent input from all your mobile workers means that data can be collated easily and summarised reports can be produced.
  • Eliminate the time consuming need for skilled staff to fill in forms and re­key data.
  • Improves Workforce Management – With the GPS tracking and mapping feature, managers can direct tasks to field workers based on their locations.

Innovations in mobile technology today go well beyond simple data capture and information retrieval in the field or on the shop floor. EXPD range of products & services will ensure you realise the core benefits of these solutions, by enhancing efficiency and productivity, faster customer response times and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

 EXPD products & services range from complete Mobile Data Collection Solutions, including custom software services, down to simple mobile computers, barcode readers, printers and labelling software.