Domain Appraising: The Way towards Standardization

Since the domain name appraisal industry is one of the latest and growing online industries like the real estates, most of the experts suggest some technical ways in which the domain appraisal firms may find solutions to improve the appraisals in such a ways that one single name does not support the valuations of the sites. Since you all know that domain names are often called as the “virtual real estate”, but there is no logical similarity between the domain names and the real estate industry. In other terms, the real estate exits as the physical locations having several features and properties but the domain names have only the online visibility.


Domain names are single piece of intellectual property and they are originated of the internet age, they should be treated in such a manner as well. It is necessary for the domain name industry to develop the methods of giving value to the names of the domains. There are various ways to improve the credibility and consistency of the domain names, both in the short term and the long term ways.

Creating a statistically based legal sale database is one of the important ways to improve the credibility of the domain appraisal. Each of the market sectors depends on the previous sales values to predict the sale values of the future. The price of the domain name should be normalized. If the buyer of the domain name is called the reseller, it is clear that the domain name is not yet came in the market. It is very necessary to use the real domain and qualified domain appraisers for increasing the credibility.

Most of the industries create standards as they expand. The question is from where the standards of the domain name arise. If the small domain appraisal firms want to be the part o the system that defines how the domain names are appraised, it is important to get together with each other and implement the ideas. Namebot is one such organization that helps in making the domain appraisals.