Five Ways Australia Leads the World in Online Business

When you say the words website development’ perhaps you do not automatically think of Australian businesses but the fact is that Australia is, in many ways, leading the world in this online marketplace as compared to other countries in the world – here are just five of the reasons why:

1 – We’ve got your DBK

A DBK or Digital Business Kit is an industry specific package that contains information and resources. Each one is specifically designed to help small to medium sized enterprises (and not-for-profits) to shine in the digital economy. The DBK is created in partnership between the Australian Government and nine industry leading organisations to help Australian businesses grow and thrive. For start-up businesses in Australia, everything is covered from how to create an SEO friendly website, optimising the sites using effective SEO strategies through to how to ensure you get paid and which online payment system is best for your organisation.

 2 – Industry leading examples

From Braeside’s to Melbourne’s Flippa, these Aussie ripper online entrepreneurs have out-competed the rest of the world. These business leaders have been brilliant at constructing SEO friendly websites that keep them at the top of the rankings and earn loyalty from customers. Move over Branson and Trump, we have our own website development heroes!

 3 – Our mobile friendly technology is the best

Desktop browsing is 55.1% in Australia, compared to 55.6% in the UK and 58% in the USA – this means that designing mobile friendly websites has been a part of Australian entrepreneurship from the very beginning – we’ve always had to factor in the amount of people who shop, browse or search via mobile, so our online businesses have always been optimised for the mobile user. Because most Aussies commute and travel more than many other nations due to the size of Australia, our mobile technology allows us to shop on the go, and locate the things we need without having to go home to browse online.

 4 – Statistically speaking, we’re in the lead

As far back as 2012, 94% of the Australian population had internet access. Over 80% of Australians browse online every day and over 60% visit the internet multiple times per day. This means we’re more internets savvy, and more likely to place orders or start businesses online. Such digital prowess is described as internet competence’ and it means both users and suppliers are fully equipped to benefit from e-commerce. More shoppers, more orders, more satisfied customers – the Australian economy is becoming increasingly digital and it makes it more robust.

 5 – We like to buy from Australian businesses

Statistics from 2015 show that Australian consumers have a natural tendency to favour Australian companies to buy from. The breakdown shows that while 19% of the Australian population that shops online buys most often from overseas, 20% say that they shop equally from within Australia and abroad and a whopping 53% say they buy most often from Australian e-commerce sites. Mobile friendly websites have made it easy for the Australian population to browse for goods or services wherever they are, making their lives easier and benefiting national commerce.