From carbon fiber sheets to air filters and coasters, find everything at Dexcraft

Carbon fiber is a material that is much in demand. It is used in various industries to be made into parts that are attached to larger machines or automotives.  The strongest demand comes from the aircraft and the automobile industry.  Carbon fiber sheets can be used in a number of ways to increase the dexterity of the item.  The advantage of using carbon fiber is many. It enhances the durability of the product, is low in weight, has a high resistance to chemical and can withstand high temperatures. The one benefit that makes carbon fiber extremely popular and in-demand is its property of low thermal expansion. This is very important for products that are used in high intensity sports vehicles, civil engineering and aircrafts.


Carbon fiber products

One such company that has always been in demand for supplying and carbon fiber manufacturing is Dexcraft. From designing to manufacturing and supplying carbon fiber, this company has been the leading supplier of this material in Poland.  With seven years of service in this industry and a hundred percent customer satisfaction, this place is the ultimate company for carbon fiber products.

There are a number of products available with them that include a long range of carbon fiber sheets with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 7 mm. Carbon fiber coasters, carbon fiber business cards and even scuba diving equipments are manufactured. Air boxes and air filters are also a part of the large collection of varied products manufactured here. Carbon fiber leather gives the product a great finish and extra durability.

Dexcraft and its technologies

Dexcraft is a company that uses proprietary technologies to get the production and manufacturing work done. Manual lamination is done to make sure that there are no defects or bubbles in the carbon. Resin infusion is basically used for larger and complex products and designs. The prepreg technology that is used as well is quite common for the formula 1 racing vehicles and other racing machines. To add to the list, as per the client’s recommendation, customized technological solutions can also be used.

With low shipment cost, high grade carbon fiber material, affordable rates, on time delivery and professional expertise in complex projects, Dexcraft is one of the few companies that place the quality of the product and customer satisfaction as the top priority.