How Jailbreaking or Unlocking Can Void the Warranty of Your iPhone 5? Know It Here!

Jailbreaking or Unlocking

When you purchase an iPhone, you are signing up or agreeing to use that specific phone company’s service for normally two years or so according to the contract. Many iPhones can actually operate on different company networks, but sometimes, even after the expiration of your initial contract, your iPhone may still be “locked” to the particular company from where you bought it.

So, many people are confused whether they can use any kind of software to unlock their iPhone 5 and start using some other company’s network. After many years of conflicting and reversals laws and rulings, unlocking has become legal from July 2014.

However, before you jailbreak or unlock it, you may want to know its consequences. If you are fortunate enough, you might end up enjoying great services and have more options after unlocking it, but what if something goes wrong? So, you must know whether jailbreaking or unlocking an iPhone 5 actually voids its warranty or not.

What if you Jailbreak your iPhone 5?

To be very clear, jailbreaking your iPhone 5 may end your warranty. According to Apple, unauthorized change of iOS is the violation of iOS end-user software license agreement, so Apple can deny any service for any Apple device that has installed any kind of third party unauthorized software.

However, if you are fortunate enough to get all the previous settings back after jailbreaking it, your iPhone 5 may still get support. You will need to remove jailbreak from your phone and restore all its factory settings to make it undetectable before taking it to the company for support.

However, every person on this earth isn’t that lucky. So, ultimately you are taking a big risk that may void the warranty period of your iPhone 5 and you may lose all support from the Apple Company for the remaining of your phone’s warranty period.

Jailbreaking or Unlocking

Is Unlocking legal?

Well, let’s break good news for you. Unlocking an iPhone 5 is now legal in many countries. However, you must know that all unlocking processes are not the same.

If you want to be safe from any kind of warranty related threat, then get the unlocking done by authorized sources such as your phone company or the Apple itself to maintain your warranty. Generally, unlocking is done after a pre-defined time interval. In most cases, it is done after the end of contract.

There are always certain alternatives in all the cases. There are several other ways of unlocks that includes many software that let you do it all by yourself and even some companies that unlock it by charging you some amount of money.

These options can prove to be secure and you may end up unlocking iPhone 5 without any kind of damage. However, since they are unauthorized for that service, you may end up losing the warranty support for your phone, if you opt for them.

Warranty period is the most essential factor to consider when jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone 5. If you opt for them after the termination of the warranty period, you are less likely to worry. Still, jailbreaking may even cause the company to deny from all services that may include repairs and support outside of warranty.

To conclude, it is really essential to think hard before you take any kind of step to unlock or jailbreak it. Be ready for good or bad consequences before you opt for any step. All the best!

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