How mobile applications have changed real-estate Growth?

In the passage of ten years time, technological advancements globally have changed the way business activities used to be conducted. Every now and then new development is coming over across the market which is constantly having a strong impact over the customer’s mind –set.


The customers are now looking for more technological tools to be used up in their daily lives to enable them to have a quick and easy review of the market trend in their particular field in order to have an understanding and carry out deep analysis of where their competitors are going to beat them.

Mobile applications are now changing the dynamics of how people who used buy and sell property in Mumbai. At this point the market trend is moving towards sales of the property rather than customers focusing on purchasing of the property. The market trend of the property can easily be tracked down from the mobile applications which are updating information on the go.

Real estate developers in Mumbai are facing different challenges with respect to the selling of unsold inventory which is now pilling up with the passage of time. More customers are willing to purchase the property in the current market setup where the prices of the property is much high than expected.

The market trend is getting too much peculiar about the customers who are not willing to sell their property at a much higher rate when the prices have now risen up to a certain level. The gap between affordability inventory and quoted prices is now getting too much wider, which has been closed.

The market is being influence by the government and monopoly of property dealers who are adding them more complications for the customer to sell the property and thus leaving the unsold units at that level so that they can play around with the high prices for quite some time.

Mobile applications are now enabling the customers to have updated information about the market trends on the go; where ever you are updated information will be provided to you at any time at any place. This has really changed the way customers and real estate developers used to work.

Through mobile application property dealers can easily analysis the current scenario of their competitors and they can make a pretty much good idea the next steps to be taken by their competitors.