How to Recover Suddenly Disappeared Files under Mac?

Many of us depends the everyday activity with the help of a computer. With the help of a computer, writing or photo editing is much easier to do. The computer technology has been through many developments throughout the years. Every year, there is at least one new innovation launched in the market to provide every customer’s need. One of the biggest platforms for the computer is Mac Operation System.

Many of us have been the loyal user for this operation system due to the benefits. The Mac operation system also went through plenty development to get into this sophisticated stage. However, even the sophisticated device prone to have error and crash which decrease the function. The common error in Mac computer is the missing files. Many of you probably have experience the suddenly missing file especially when you need the file. You feel that there is nothing wrong with the system, but certain file suddenly missing. Even though you can recover or restore the file; it is enough to give a strong heart attack.

Why does such thing happen?

Many people shock after knowing certain of their files are missing. Such thing happens probably due to intentional formatting of Mac computer to clean up certain viruses. Without backup the file, you will certainly lose it during the formatting process. Moreover, certain device errors such as power failure, suddenly shut down, and many more while you transfer it to another external storage device are also responsible for the missing files. Converting the file system will create the new file which results in current file losing. If you are emptying the trash bin without checking whether you still need the file or not will also erase the entire file in the bin.


How to get it back?

The moment you realize that some of your files is missing, the first thing to do is to recall for how much the file that disappears. The smaller the amount of file that missing the chance to restore the file is also higher. The next step is to stop using the disk as much as you can. If you are in the middle of downloading or transferring files, then you should stop the process right away. Close the important emails and programs which probably are written in the disk. Take the minimum usage of the computer as much as possible because the more you write in the disk, the missing file will be much difficult to recover.

Then you should download a program for data recovery into another disk which you will not recover the files. There are plenty of programs to recover suddenly disappeared files under Mac; one of the programs which have excellent feature is Do Your Data Recovery for Mac. After downloading the Do Your Data Recovery program, you can continue with three simple steps to recover suddenly disappeared files under Mac. The quick recovery programs will scan thoroughly into the disk and find the missing files. If you can find the files in the regular mode, you can try the advanced mode.