Movavi Video Converter for Mac Review

When you want to convert videos from one format to another using your Mac you’ll need a particular software known as a video converter. While there are quite a few options out there, many would require that you have a decent knowledge of video formats and settings, including things like the resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, and so on.

The exception to this has got to be the Movavi Video Converter for Mac. Unlike conventional video converters, it offers up an intuitive and user-friendly approach that has practically no learning curve to speak of. Even if you have absolutely no experience in dealing with videos and no idea what settings to use – you’ll be able to put the Movavi Video Converter for Mac to work easily.

In no small part it is so easy to use due to the fact that its interface makes all its features accessible. Converting videos should just take a couple of clicks, and it even has helpful features to make it easier still – such as the hundreds of presets that are available for different devices. Using these presets you can just pick the device you want to optimize your video for and all the technical details will be set up automatically.


For all its ease of use, the Movavi Video Converter for Mac still does pack a punch when it comes to the features that it has available. Alongside being able to convert videos into practically any and every format, you’ll find that it can do the same for images and audio files too. On top of that it can also extract audio tracks from videos, create animated GIFs, enable you to take screenshots of specific video frames, and much more.

It even includes video editing features so you can cut your video into multiple segments, get rid of unwanted parts, crop or rotate the video, or even enhance the video quality. If you want to insert captions or subtitles you can add customizable text too.

Whether you’re looking to convert MPEG to MP4 or any other format of video, or just looking to optimize it for a certain device or platform – the Movavi Video Converter for Mac will put you on the right track. It has everything you need – and it’s just a question of trying it out and seeing for yourself how easy it can be to convert videos on your Mac.