Safe Online Payments

Making payments online is no longer akin to a walk on eggshells, fraught with worry over whether you are inadvertently laying yourself open to cheating and nightmares about waking up one morning to discover that you account has been drained of your life’s savings. New technology has put safeguards in place to ensure that online payment is safe for every user, whether it is for internet banking, paying on websites, or through online wallets like Mobikwik wallet.

Utility Bill Payment made Easy

Online payment has made our lives easy in many important ways. Apart from the fact that you can now indulge in your favourite pastime- shopping, on a busy working day without leaving your desk or home, online bill payment makes your regular chores easy, and is most frequently used for regular pill payments. From online recharges to mobile bill payment, utility bill payments and so on. Pay your mobile bills online or your reliance net-connect recharge confidently using the Mobikwik App with the knowledge that there are several safeguards to ensure that your account is not hacked!

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Security Measures

Banks and credit card companies ensure that they use the latest technologies and high level security to put in place a verification process which attests your credentials before allowing a site or an entity to receive payment from you. From passwords which are checked for suitability to virtual keyboards which do away with the possibility of detecting your password through the keyboard you have just used, every method is employed to ensure stress-free transaction.

Things you Must Do

While all these measure are in place, it rests on you to make surety double sure. Make sure you don’t access your online account or make any online payments through a public computer or an open network to make sure you are not revealing crucial information to anyone else. So, if you’re making your Airtel postpaid bill payment – do it on a home computer. Refrain from sharing passwords or account information with anyone, even your closest friends, and stay wary of phishing mails which ask for confidential information. If you are careful about small safeguards, you can rest assured that your mobile recharge and online bill payment will take place in a secure manner which will not compromise your account in any way.