Some of the Common Errors Made By Affiliate Marketers

New affiliate marketers believe that this is “get rich instantly” plan, and thus they rush to it without having any information about it. Due to lack of patience and knowledge, they make errors upon errors, affecting their chances of succeeding in any field.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand that there is a huge difference between making tons of dollars and performing miserably in affiliate marketing campaign. There are many ways you can increase your web traffic to your site. explain well how to do it


Avoiding Common Errors

Selling instead of helping – Affiliate marketing does include the word marketing, but remember your job as an organization is to place affiliate links on your website/blog. These links lead the visitors to the merchant sites and not sell their product.

An affiliate marketer may be tempted to add words like ‘Buy this now’, which could bring commission, but does not help the reader.

Visitors, who come in search of information about specific product/services, wish to buy too. Posting genuine unbiased reviews can help people make an informed decision. A review that has high sell-pitch can frustrate users, but honest appraisal will make them come back to obtain guidance on other products later on.

Too many affiliate programs – To start with, affiliate marketers sign up with every program that they come across. Exploring and cultivating multiple streams for earning income online is a good point, but handling excess programs becomes difficult. Therefore, select products wisely from the list of the best 2015 affiliate programs, and relieve yourself of excess burden.

Wrong choices – Selecting affiliate programs that have generous commission structure with payouts on time is vital. Select suitable products that connect well with your targeted audience. Wrong products that do not interest your visitors, means no clicks or commission.

Following the flock – Just because everyone is pimping on sex products does not mean you too have to. Select a niche you are knowledgeable about and is not out of action. Even check the profitability of the chosen niche.

Using shotgun approach – Some affiliate marketers try to vend everything to everyone at the same time. They are unable to handle a lot niches at one time. Therefore, it is advised to try one or a couple of niches at once. If you succeed, only then you need to take up and focus on more and more niches.

Not tracking – The key metrics that you need to be aware of in affiliate marketing include –

  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Conversion rate
  • AOV (Average order value)
  • EPC (Earnings per click)
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Campaign ROI
  • Commissions received

If you do not know the numbers, than you cannot scale a profitable market and earn big bucks. You need to know where the commission was earned.

Not testing – You need to find out which banner, message or email converts the highest or traffic source produces highest sales or headline converts the most? If you ignore testing, then you will not be able to improve. If you fail to show any progress, you will never be able to achieve your goals and become a big affiliate player.

Getting side tracked – Some marketers get side tracked with new affiliate products, program or software. It is a bad idea to change your activity to try something new. Stick to your plan and goal until you succeed and if you fail only then change your plan of action.

Affiliate marketing needs focus and self-motivation. Now that you know what goes into this business, you are all set top place your right foot forward.