Stunning water photography through your iPhone – Secrets shared by professionals

If you own an iPhone, you can’t deny the fact that water is the most interesting subject for photography. The properties of water make it the most appropriate medium for clicking creative and unique shots. From long-stretched rivers to oceans to lakes to tiny droplets of water, it offers you endless opportunities to shoot pictures that depict your ultimate creativity. Just as MIOPS Smart helps you alleviate the stress of water-drop photography, there are other secrets as well when it comes to clicking through your phone.

This post will tell you about the few tips and techniques that you can follow if you wish to click some really good iPhone pictures of water in any of its properties. Read on.

#1: Find out a worthy source of water

Water appears in various forms and this makes it a diverse and interesting subject for photography. It goes without mentioning that few obvious places to find water are lakes, oceans, rivers and waterfalls. But for an intriguing session of photography, you should watch out for other interesting places like wet roads, puddles, aquariums, swimming pools and even fountains as they offer you some witty opportunities. How about condensation on a window or may be raindrops on a window? Droplets of water that rest on a cobweb can also give you a nice opportunity for a good photograph.

#2: Ensure utilizing the best light for creating the most sought effect

Light is undoubtedly the most imperative asset for a photographer. The kind of light that you shoot in and the time of day usually has a strong impact on the type of pictures you’re able to click. Water will appear different during different points of the day and when subject to different types of light. Since water is a reflective surface, you always have to think of how the light can interact with that surface. If you take a picture in dawn, the cool blue tones can often create a sense of melancholy and tranquillity.

#3: Reflections should be captured

Reflections can be one of the most interesting ways in which you can click water, particularly when the water is pretty calm. You can capture reflections in rivers, lakes, puddles and also within small droplets of water. If you’re outside, you can watch out for reflections of boats, buildings, people, clouds and birds on water.

#4: Ensure you have a focal point

Although it is a fact that water is beautiful, yet your picture won’t have enough impact unless there is a main subject which you can make its focal point. When there is a focal point, the viewer gets a place where they can focus on. Depending on the choice of the picture, having the right focal point can also add a nice storytelling feature to your image.

Therefore, now that you know the secret tips behind clicking water drop photography, what are you waiting for? Set out on the road and start clicking few of the best photographs of your life.