The Accuracy of Home Alarm Systems

Nearly 34% of all Americans that own a household have some type of alarm system.  With that being said, literally millions of home owners trust their company and security system to work when the time comes.  But how accurate are these systems and can they be trusted?  This article is about the accuracy of the devices themselves and the frightening facts that will have you wondering if it is worth the monthly cost.

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False Alarm Statistics

Albeit the majority of alarm systems that trip are false alarms but this is not a technical problem with the alarm system.  This is an error with the user who usually forgets to turn it off before they open the door in the morning, or they open a window at night and it sets off.  These statistics are outrageous with over 80% of them being false.  You can read an article on how to reduce false alarms here.

When the Alarm Doesn’t Go Off

This is the bigger concern.  You may be on vacation or asleep at night with all your trust in your security system to detect any break in.  A bad guy comes in the house and for some reason your alarm malfunctions and doesn’t work.  This could be because of a bad battery, a sensor that is not connected properly, incorrect set up of burglar zones by the technician and several other technical errors.  Some systems have GE and Honeywell parts intertwined which don’t always make a perfect partnership.  You should test your system regularly to make sure the company you chose (there is a list of them and their reviewshere) calls you within 45 seconds to confirm everything is okay.  If they don’t, there may be a bad connection between the system and their monitoring station or you may need to upgrade your panel.  Also, if you still have a Land Line system then there could be a bad connection with your phone company.


Final Words

We hope we didn’t scare you away from home alarm systems altogether.  They are a great added piece of mind and tool for keeping the home safe.  But you should never place all of your trust in one device.  Have a back up plan and test your system regularly to ensure that you have a working system and company that calls you.  After all if they aren’t, you might as well cancel and save yourself a pretty penny each year!