The importance of PAT electrical training

On account of the fact that electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property too, extreme caution needs to be exercised when working with live circuits and machinery.

What’s more, with ever-changing safety standards and technology evolving all the time, people tasked with working onelectrical equipment must keep up-to-date with the latest best practices and legal legislation.

Therefore, if you are tasked with checking and testing portable appliances at work, then you could greatly benefit from training. But what challenges are associated with electrical training? And where can you go to receive teaching or tuition on the subject?


What are the challenges of electrical training?

With any electrical inspection or examination, time is of the essence. Workers are increasingly under pressure to complete work to a high standard and on time, even though safety should always be a prime concern. On top of that, electrical products are becoming more and more technically advanced, which means they can often be difficult to understand or work with.

But in spite of that fact that electrical and PAT testing training holds the answer to these problems, it still requires a big commitment in terms of time and money. If employees are sent on courses, potential income is lost while outgoing expenditure increases. Therefore, the shorter the training session, the more advantageous it can be.

Then again, you won’t want members of staff to miss out on any crucial topics, as lives could be at stake if an electrical appliance is mistakenly deemed safe. So the ideal solution is a brief training course, where all necessary themes are covered but employees aren’t taken away from their daily responsibilities for too long.

Where to find electrical training courses

At Instrotech, employees can benefit from a one-day PAT training course, which is based on the latest Code of Practice and has been tailor-made to ensure attendees gain real world practical experience as well as general knowledge about electrical safety.

For over 30 years, Instrotech has been an authorised distributor for a wide range of electrical and environmental test equipment. Today, this includes products from renowned brands such as Fluke, Megger, Chauvin Arnoux, Martindale, Seaward, Flir, and many more.

Customer’s range from self-employed electricians and craftsmen to national contracting firms, so any profession is welcome on Instrotech’s PAT training course. But what will you learn about on one of their training modules?

Instrotech’s PAT training course

Starting at 9am through to 4:30pm, Instrotech’s PAT training course covers the following:

  • Why PAT testing is important
  • Who is responsible for this
  • What appliances should be tested
  • How to interpret the test results
  • The difference classes of appliances
  • The need for a risk based approach
  • The actual test process
  • Calculating the frequency of tests
  • Maintaining accurate records

The day culminates in a practical inspection and test carried out under the expert supervision of the trainer. This will feature a range of both 240V and 110V appliances using standard PAT testers provided by Instrotech.

Upon completion, course attendees will be issued with a copy of the Martindale Illustrated Guide to PAT Testing and a certificate to record their successful completion of the course.

What our course covers in detail

Our comprehensive PAT testing training courses also cover details of relevant legislation, burn and fire hazards, user checks, electrical shock plus formal visual inspections. This is all enhanced withtuition in elements such as combined inspection and testing plus construction of Class 1, II & III portable electrical appliances on the day.

Other subjects covered are fuse ratings, electrical plugs, testing computers and ICT / IT equipment. Power tools, IEC cords & extension leads are also taken care of. Finally, our PAT training courses will also include record keeping, test results and labelling with the correct PASS and FAIL PAT Testing labels.

To find out when and where you can attend one of Instrotech’s PAT training courses, simply get in touch on 01923 442244.