The Most Popular Website Design Trends For 2015 (and 2016!)

The World Wide Web rapidly changes from year to year. With a whole new variety of trends stepping in to dominate the online marketplace, every business must adapt to them and opt in for the best user experience.

As 2015 is slowly passing by, 2016 kicks in with slightly different yet similar trends in website design. Therefore, if you are looking to revamp your website, make sure to stick to the 2015/2016 most popular web design trends:


1. Line Icons And Ghost Buttons

Apple’s iOs 7 has revolutionized the iconography in web design as we know it. Nowadays, transparent iconography and ghost buttons are the future of website design and considered as the best trends yet to come. While giving a special and unique aesthetic appeal to any business, this most popular design trends also opt in for transparence – or in other words, supporting larger and colorful photography in their background.

2. Flat Design

The user interface as a website trend has reshaped the online world. Ever since Google adopted a new concept of material design, the slight animation and gradient elements were born – and started to dominate the website design as we know it. Whether it’s a 3D element, an imaginative icon or a simple yet technologically advanced symbol – the key to ‘staying in the game’ with this website design trends for 2016 is letting your user experience whole new imagination and magic.

3. Microinteractions

Remember those buttons that move when you hover your mouse onto them?

Well, they are certainly considered as the biggest website design trends for 2016 and add up a lot to the user experience on-site. The subtle interactions featuring small animations while being completely responsive and informative play a great role in this year’s top web design trends.

4. Infographics

Although they were extremely popular in 2014, infographics are stepping in again as the stepping stone to a new visual revolution in web design. The engaging interactivity and their playful spirit makes them easily recognizable and extremely engaging and valuable to every single user.

Oh, yes, did you know that nearly two thirds from the online users prefer infographics over content? With this, you got all of your questions answered when it comes to infographics as the new leading website trends for this (and next) year.

5. Full Screen Video

If you have adopted a one-page flat design as one of the top web design trends for 2015), you would most definitely want to upgrade this experience to a better one. Well, now one-page designs are revolutionized with actual video. While most of the videos are minimalistic, hot and new, another important aspect of full screen video as a huge web design trend is its quality – or in other words, make sure you stay with at least 1080p video resolution, or even better – 4k.


In the end, when you think about it, web design trends really help in giving the modern Internet user what he wants in the most exact way. It is interesting to see how web designs have changed over the years but probably more interesting to see what comes next.

In any case-scenario, you should make sure you adopt the latest web design trends to your business website and make sure your users are fascinated, while being extremely engaged.