Top Most USB Network Gate

With USB Network Gate you can share USB devices over IP network, which means you can plug a USB device – a printer, webcam, scanner, storage device – in your local computer, and  other users at other computers in the network can access the device in its full functionality as if it was directly attached to their computers.

And it doesn’t matter where the device is physically located, as long as it is available in your network thanks to USB Network Gate. It provides you with all device’s features and functionality, there is no difference at all from accessing the device directly connected to your computer.


  • Share USB port over TCP/IP

When several computers need to use the same USB device, USB Network Gate provides this possibility in Internet networks, local area, and enterprise networks.

  • Share USB in virtual environment and blade servers

With the help of USB Network Gate you can share USB devices connected to a host machine into virtual machines and blade servers. It supports VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, and more.

  • Share USB over RDP

When working with Remote Desktop Protocol you cannot access your USB devices that easily. USB Network Gate will make using your USB devices in Remote Desktop session a breeze.

  • Share USB across platforms

USB Network can be installed and works great on Linux, Mac, Android devices. And it can share a vast variety of devices between the machines running different OS types, be it a printer, MIDI controller, webcam, iPad or even a USB monitor.