Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55w-C5259 Best Laptop for Graphic Design with Portable Model

This article will talk in detail about the Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55w-C5259. It is actually a kind of new convertible 15 inch laptop. Today, people show increased interest on convertible laptop like this one since it can give them much more freedom when they use the particular devices. Also, this Toshiba model is one of best laptops for graphic design. So, this laptop is suitable for those who want to play games, watch videos or movies with high definition visual.

With the able processors at the helm, this Toshiba is mid-range laptop which is aimed to the people who look for several powers on the daily activities. The prices are also not the steeps that make this a little bit more comfortable to the lots of people. For those who look for the good convertible laptops, you must pick this Toshiba laptop at your top list.

Best Laptops for Graphic Design: The Design Reviews

Design is most essential parts on the convertible machines. Absolutely, each user will not want the laptop for breaking as they are trying to change them to several others mode. However, this laptop has the design languages which are exquisite. This laptop comes on copper shades which look premium. As long as the convertibility is the focus, there are four modes for the users to get used to and to try. On the Best Laptops for Graphic Design reviews, it is mentioned that the users can try the laptop modes. This mode is just like the others laptop in common.2

There is also table mode in which the users could enjoy the movies and the others media. For the presentation mode, it comes on handy when you explain something to the people next to you. The fourth mode is tablet mode. With those entire mode, the users can use the laptop comfortably depend on their need. Also, although there are lots of mode provided for the users, this laptop offers ease of the uses even for the beginners.

The backlit keyboards could be the joy to use and the track-pads are the standard stuff on this laptop. The ports could be found at the sides. This laptop is manufactured with the dimension of 9.60 X 14.90 X 0.90 inches and the weight around 5.1 pounds. This laptop is not heavy means that the users could carry on this around without losing any kind of comfort.

The Specs Reviews of Best Laptops for Graphic Design

One of biggest selling point on this Toshiba laptop is about its screen. It is supported with 15.6 inch of LED backlit widescreen full HD displays which come with the resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. On this screen, there will be more than two million pixels which are crammed to the display because of which the pixels densities are truly impressive. As mentioned on the best laptops for graphic design spec reviews, the image qualities are truly brilliant. The users also can rely on the display for editing the pictures as the colors accuracies are decent as well. Since it is a tablet, the displays also function as touchscreen. This is fairly responsive and there is no complaint on those areas3

Additionally, there are speaker grills only above the keyboards. The audio experiences are more than what you could expect on this laptop. It is due to the partnership of Toshiba with people at Skull Candy that have worked jointly on this speaker system. These audios are best as you enjoy playing the games of watching favorite movies. Talking about the powers on this best laptops for graphic design, it is powered by Intel i5 processor. The i5 5200U processor is fifth generation of Broadwell based processor that comes with 2.2 GHz clock speeds. It is decent processor and could cater to the everyday needs without delivering any kind of problems.

The users also can throw some high end processes and apps on this processor since this performs quite impressively. The memory departments come with 8 gigs of RAM which is pretty standard for the mid-range laptop like this one. The speed of the memories are 1600 MHz and it is capable for several really good multitasking. You could have lots of tabs in the chrome browsers, run lots of apps side by side, and run the multithreaded applications without finding any kind of problem. The graphic card in this laptop is integrated graphic cards. These mobile HD graphics cards can hold right for the moderate gaming. The users could play truly good title with the medium setting and get good frame rate.

The Performances of Best Laptops for Graphic Design

The hard drives included in this laptop are not traditional one. There are 128GB solid state drives for the storage. Certainly, it is one step forward as it is perfect for both performance and speed. Yet, the problems are that the 128 gigs seem for being a little bit too small for the users on this day. Otherwise, it is one of fastest SSDs out there. For operating system on this laptop is Windows 10. It is latest operating systems in windows ecosystem. Many people love this one and this laptop comes after disastrous Windows 8. With lots of new features like Microsoft Edge and Cortana, these new operating systems finally get it right.

The battery life on this laptop is about 4 up to 7 hours depend on the usages. If it is used for the regular usage, the users could expect to last for around 4 up to 6 hours whereas for the light usages, it expects around six hours or more that looks really possible. For the connectivity options, there are some choices included. There are two USB 3.0 ports and single USB 2.0 ports. There are also media card readers and HDMI ports which could be handy at the times. This laptop is brand new, mid-range convertible, and windows 10 ready that comes on the reasonable list price around $800. Those amounts are fair prices for this Toshiba laptop with the hinges capable of the rotating screen up to 360 degrees. This laptop is ideal for light work, home users, and college students. However, it will be more useful on face to face and the small team presentations as well as meetings.4

To sum up, the Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5259 is excellent convertible laptop for the prices and it brings on really lots of possibilities. The current user seems to have really little issues which talk highly on this laptop. For those who look for Best Laptops for Graphic Design with nice convertible laptop table combo, this Toshiba laptop must be good option to consider. You probably can find the best deal on Air Guatemala.