Useful Tips about Buying a Used Phone

Buying a Phone from a Person

Experts in selling and buying used electronic devices say that this is actually one of the best ways to buy a used phone because in this way you can actually get the possibility to look precisely at the phone before you say “yes” to the seller and the phone. In this way you not just rely on the pictures but on the reality that you hold in your hands. But even in this way you need to be prepared for such a personal meeting, so keep in mind the following:

Before meeting, if buying exactly a phone make sure that you compare prices for smartphones in order to negotiate the price if you know that it is too high. When talking to the seller let him or her know that you want to try your own SIM card, that you want to get some proof about its charge, and that you want to make sure that it works at any power level. If the seller is cool with everything then it already tells you that a seller has nothing to hide and that he or she is confident in this item.

Phone Inspection


This is a very important step to do, even if you are buying not from a person but online. If buying from a web-store, these steps are important to follow when you only get the mail delivery on order to make sure that you got exactly what you have paid for. So here are some of the most important things you need to check when getting the new used phone in your own hands:

 In order to check the battery of the new purchase you need to have a laptop and a charging cable (even if the phone comes with it) with you so that you will be able to check its working condition;

 A MicroSD card in case the phone you are purchasing has a slot for it;

 Especially if you like listening to the music from the phone when walking, you need to take headphones to check the quality of the sound;

 One of the most important things – take several active SIM cards in order to check that any kind will work with your new phone;

And of course, do not forget to make a visual examination on the issue of scratches, parts falling apart or even missing.

Negotiating the deal

Now after the complete check of every part of the phone (let’s take blackberry, for instance) you are planning to purchase and after you compare prices for Blackberry you get to the point where it is time to get the price you actually want to pay for the phone you have chosen. If you negotiate the price with a person on the spot – it is easier because you can support your opinion (more scratches than you expected, or the “filling” of the phone is not complete) on the spot but when doing so on the Internet it will take a little longer and be harder. But stand to your ground and you will get the price you want to have!