How Way finding Kiosks Ease Transportation

In the past, people had to use signed papers to know specific places and this often delayed travelers to get updated travel information. Living in a world, where people require real time feedback, travelers also expect real time and relevant information. Introduction of interactive kiosks has brought about the use of digital signage which enhances the traveler’s experience by providing them with information on where they are intending to go and it helps them to get there safely, efficiently and effectively. One of the major ways to enhance that your customers experience, is by equipping them with the right information at the right needed and sensitive information on time.


Digital signage for the purpose of wayfinding is very beneficial in the sense that;

  1. It reduces the amount of waiting time used in accessing the right and accurate information.
  2. The traveler’s experience is improved by providing real-time sensitive and accurate information on news, weather and any emergency broadcasts.
  3. The travelers are provided with information based on location. Information such as arrival/ departure times, cancellation and any delays, and stopping of any service.
  4. The load of the employee’s work is drastically reduces thus improving the operations and overall work productivity.
  5. Since the travelers are provided with real-time information, they are alerted of any emergency notifications that can interrupt regular schedule thus keeping them safe from any detected danger.

Since the introduction of wayfinding kiosks, they have over time progressed due to the advancement in technology available at the airports, stations, and other terminals. Digital signage has led to significant improvements in facilities such as airports where there is a huge traffic that needs to be moved through the space quickly.

Wayfinding kiosks plays different roles at airports including; moving the travelers across different terminals, to and from gate, moving them through security and other common destinations in the airport such as restaurant and shops. In addition to help in providing directions and other wayfinding information, this digital signage serve as an advertising space as well as means to get news, traffic and weather updates.

Touchscreens in these kiosks enables travelers to independently select a preferred destination from the map/list and a map will pop up showing things such as multiple floors, regions and buildings. Wayfinding kiosks can be installed with software that can react to things such as elevator operation time and condition thus enabling the system to choose the best route based on the current situations.

To have a wayfinding kiosk that makes travel smart faster, one needs to have services of the best kiosk manufacturers such as Olea who advise, install and always checks if there are any improvements that maybe needed.