Where To Find Good Salesforce Tips And Tricks

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Today’s life is so hectic and so demanding, that most of us are always seeking for ways and methods of boosting our efficiency, the purpose being to do as much as possible during our work hours. Sales representatives are very interested in working faster, as they have to visit all assigned clients, fill in visit reports and prepare the schedule for the next day. This makes them extremely busy, many of them working late hours on a regular basis.

Although Salesforce is a user-friendly software, it’s always a good idea to try to find some tricks to help you increase your productivity. You can either learn these Salesforce tips and tricks from your older colleagues with more experience in using this software or find some online resources. There are websites published by experts who love to share their knowledge with others, without expecting anything else in exchange. There are also free webinars held by experts that demonstrate the main features of the software, methods of increasing your efficiency, as well as many other awesome Salesforce tips and tricks. Webinars and videos are cool because they allow you to see with your own eyes what you have to do. This makes it easier for you to replicate what you see, as you can always pause the video and try it by yourself.

tips and tricks

Expand Your Knowledge With Salesforce Tips And Tricks

By using such resources you can expand your learning beyond the book, thus being able to work faster and better. You are also going to discover and bust various myths about this software. For instance, you are going to discover you can insert anything you want in auto-number fields by simply changing their “field type” from Auto-number to text. You can do this only temporarily, do the change you need and then change it back to what it was before. This is how you won’t alter the database, but you are still going to be able to do the needed modifications. Such tricks can be extremely useful during migrations, as they allow migrated data to retain previously assigned numbers.

There are many other useful tips you can use to become more productive. You can learn how to handle email addresses, passwords, user names and even complete records. You are going to be able to develop your own email templates from scratch, so you won’t have to send out messages that look like the default one. Think about the number of companies who benefit from Salesforce tips and tricks. They are all using Salesforce for a reason and you’ll understand why being unique in your communication is important. Your clients may receive such messages from multiple companies. If they look the same, your clients are going to think less of you and the quality of your products or services. You need to strive for originality and for conveying your corporate messages in a way that clearly reflects the brand image and the values of your company. This is why it makes sense to spend some time learning all nooks and crannies of Salesforce if you want to make the most out of it.