Where to Get Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign

Your business is running slow and you want to get it going. You are trying to market it on every possible place you can. A friend of yours tells you that the best place to advertise these days is on social media. You create a Facebook page of your business. Now you are wondering that how you can actually kick start your advertising campaign on social media. Well, we have just the right ideas for you. Whether it is an advertisement about a business or about an upcoming event organized by a Non Profit, these ideas will work for sure.

1. Find Parallel Audiences Using Facebook Search

The new search tool by Facebook is a great way to find people that share the common interests. Just go to the search tab on Facebook and write something like, “Pages liked by people who like XYX”. Now Facebook will immediately show you other pages that are liked by the same group of people. Now you have a great idea about which people are most likely to like your page. In this way you can expand your target audience and finally you can target these people. A bigger target is easy to hit. Well, not in some cases but in this case this stands true!

2. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Be open and reach out to people. The maximum that they will do is that they won’t like your page. You are in the practical world now and you need to learn that you have to talk to a lot of people. It is not high school where your best friends sufficed. Get hungry for likes and reach out to as many people as you can.

3. People like Change

Remember that people will like something that is out of the box. They won’t like your campaign simply because it features cute people. Literally every campaign has cute people these days. Think out of the box and bring something to the people that they are forced to say, “This is something different.” The moment you get hungry for ideas that are different, your campaign will take a boost.

4. Maintain Class

No one likes lousy people. The same goes for campaigns. If your campaign is lousy and is not up to the mark, people won’t like it. You need to have some class in your campaign to make it stand out from the others. Your social media campaign will have to be classy and fancy, only then you are going to get some attention from the busy people that are present on social media.

5. A Personal Touch is Always Good

When you launch a campaign that is centered around something personal, you must have noticed that people respond to it in a much better way. The same goes for you. You need to add a little personal touch to your campaign. Mention posts about how you got inspired or how you inspired others. Tell your story and the story of your employees. Post pictures of yourself and your team at work. Post pictures with other people that are around you. There you go, your social media campaign is a hit!

6. Offer Rewards

The rewards need not be physical. A good reward for a loyal customer can be his picture posted on your Facebook page with a thank note underneath it. You can also offer small physical rewards even. They don’t cost much but they are really good for improving your popularity. Who doesn’t love rewards now?

7. Make Your Customers Feel Special

The people that are supporting your campaign and buying your product deserve to get noticed. Every now and then, post something good about your followers. You can even post 3-4 line stories about them. Just ask them nicely and I am sure they would be more than happy to tell you. Others will see and will have the impression that you really reward your followers and you really care about them. Well, you should too!

8. Maintain Professionalism

While it is great to add a little personal touch to the campaign and really get in with your customers, you need to draw a line when it comes to professionalism. You need to act professional otherwise people will lose faith in you and they won’t trust you anymore. So learn to play on the line which combines professionalism and getting friendly!

Social media campaigns are a great way to boost your business. Just go online and launch your campaign on social media. Keep these tips in mind and implement them when you need to. You can guarantee that your next social media campaign will be a success.